Air Comfort

Air comfort is a standalone and universal Air Conditioner remote control unit. Ideal for home, office or holiday home. With an integrated GSM module, allows you to control your AC from virtually anywhere.

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Air Comfort is an innovative product, aimed to control your AC unit remotely by phone. The task is very easy to accomplish, requiring only a single keypress on your phone or by sending an SMS.


It's compatible with all types of AC units having a infrared remote control feature. It allows controlling cooling as well as heating mode, all with a few keypresses.


Air Comfort is full wireless, totaly eliminating physical access into the AC unit. It's equipped with a GSM module, as well as an IR interface used to control the AC.

Extremely simple usage

Air Comfort is very simple to use. You can control your AC unit by simply pressing a button on your phone or sending an SMS.

Integrated voice guidance in various languages

SMS mode control

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Air Comfort is secure, allowing only selected persons to control the system.

Limit access to selected phone numbers only

or using a password instead from other phones

Easy install

Installation is extremly simple and can be carried out by the end user. No special tools or knowledge is required. SEE INSTALLATION VIDEO

No tampering with AC unit

Liberal placement in the room

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For more info about the product and the various models, please download the brochure.

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